Seitenstapler von Bulmor

Sideloading Forklift for handling long material

Bulmor Lancer Sideloader truck

Features and Advantages

    • Economic storage optimization
    • Transport lengthwise to the driving direction
    • Compact
The use of sideloader trucks can help you free up additional storage space.
sideloader truck by Bulmor side lift forklift

Bulmor side lift forklift with combustion engines are made in accordance with the standard European guidelines for outdoor operation. They are equipped with the newest Perkins or Deutz engines, which meet the requirements of the applicable emissions norm level 3B and 4.

Classic Line

DQnr 85-110

Our DQnr Classic Line Sideloader is a true workhorse, conveniently and safely lifting loads up to 5 tons. The DQnr Sideloader's above-average lifting capacity and inset right front wheel form the foundation for handling exceptional loads and applications both indoors and out.

DQrc 110-130

The budget-conscious version: this Sideloader features a 55.5 kw engine and a high load capacity of 5 to 6 tons. It can be used in a wide range of industries for transporting long and heavy goods, including pipes, profiles and plates, under extremely high loads and harsh conditions.

DQr 130-175

Performance without compromise: Bulmor's conventional hydraulic Sideloaders can lift long goods weighing up to 8 tons and are characterized by high availability and extreme longevity. The use of Stage V engines makes this series suitable for indoor use as well.

DQr 130-175




Premium Line

DQn 85-110

Low platforms for better space utilization: this category of Bulmor Sideloaders can lift long goods of all kinds to 5 tons and provides enhanced shelf space utilization and improved loading efficiency for trucks. These Sideloaders are characterized by extreme longevity.

DQ 130-175

Our PREMIUM class: Bulmor's tried-and-true robustness enables this Sideloader to easily lift and move loads weighing up to 8 tons. This Sideloader is built to meet the highest demands in comfort and technology, making it the go-to choice when it comes to high performance.

Bulmor Lancer Sideloader Long Load Forklift

Features and Advantages

    • Ideal for reduced space usage
    • Ideal for Heavy-Duty Long Load Handling
    • Highly maneurverable and versatile
    • Very robust and relaiable
    • For Handling loads such as steel, bar stock, tubing, laminates, lumber or plywood

[Translate to US:] Seitenstapler bis 5 Tonnen

[Translate to US:] Wirtschaftliches Handling

[Translate to US:] Leimbinder
Stahl –

die Seitenstapler bewegen alles was
lang, schwer und sperrig ist.

Für einen komfortablen und
sicheren Umschlag sperriger Güter sowohl
im Innen- als auch im Außenbereich.

Diesel Seitenstapler bis 5 Tonnen Hubkraft
Diesel-Seitenstapler bis 5 Tonnen Hubkraft


  • Hubkraft bis 5 Tonnen
  • Antrieb: Hydrostatisch
  • Motor: Diesel oder Gas (leistungsgesteigerte Dieselmotoren möglich)
  • Plattformbreite: ab 1.100 mm
  • Hubhöhen: ab 4.000 mm
  • für den Innen- und Außeneinsatz
Diesel Seitenstapler Hubwerk
Diesel-Seitenstapler von Bulmor
  • Besonders stabiles Hubwerk
  • Passives Neigesystem sorgt für sicheren Hebekomfort
  • Großzügig dimensionierter Kraftstofftank
  • Feinfühliges, sicheres Handling der Hubgabeln
  • Extreme Robustheit durch Bulmor-Herzstückbauweise
  • schwingungsgedämpfte Fahrerkabine
  • herausragende Wendigkeit für außergewöhnliche Einsätze
  • große Serviceklappen erleichtern die Wartung
  • Alle Lagerstellen sind für eine besonders lange Lebensdauer ausgelegt.

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