Sideloader Solutions

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As the expert for side forklift, Bulmor industries GmbH is the only manufacturer and full-service provider of sideloaders.

Safe Fast Efficient

Bulmor is an expert in creating individual solutions for handling long, heavy and bulky goods. Sideloaders, multidirectional sideloaders, specialised vehicles for order picking and special-purpose lifting trucks from Bulmor are used in various industries, such as timber, steel, aluminium and plastics.

For us as a leading premium manufacturer in the sector of heavy-duty and special-purpose lifting trucks, innovation and customer benefit are our top priorities. 

High competence in understanding and solving the customer's problems, user-friendly handling and low total cost of ownership by providing easy access to components, solid design and original spare parts, complete Bulmor's philosophy.

diesel sideloader sidelift forklift


Diesel Sideloader

Bulmor sideloaders comfortably and safely lift loads of up to 8 tonnes. They are characterised by their high availability and excellent durability.  


Multiway sideloader forklift


Multidirectional Sideloaders 

The electric multidirectional sideloader is perfectly suited for transporting long goods in storage facilities with narrow aisles. 


electric sidelift forklift lancer


Electric Sideloader

Our sideloaders with electric drive do not pollute the air, are silent and reduce operating costs since they do not run on fossil fuels and require low maintenance.


side loading forklift


Heavy Line Sideloader

Big wheels, a powerful drive and a solid lifting unit ensure strength during extraordinary and heavy operation of more than 10 tonnes.


sidebull ambulift


Special-Purpose Lifting Trucks 

Our innovative Ambulifts are being used worldwide when people or goods need to be boarded safely and comfortably onto the plane. 


Our Customers

brand wohn schick germany
The "Man-up" was designed and manufactured especially for Wohn-Schick.


"Man-up" Sideloader

For the handling of high-quality furniture in the central warehouse in Owingen (10,000 m²), Wohn Schick uses two sideloaders. These are used between seven and eight hours per day and support the staff when it comes to complex logistic tasks.  Both sideloaders are specifically designed to match the requirements of the company. Thus they have been adjusted to the dimensions of the fixed storage shelves and the driver's cabin is lifted along with the lifting unit to a maximum height of 7.8 m. Therefore, the driver is able to scan the goods directly from his seat. The implementation of the "Man-up" concept significantly reduced errors while order picking. Unlike conventional floor storage, the high-bay storage facility of Wohn Schick is very efficient. Another deciding factor for the functional solution by Bulmor was the good support provided by our partner Stapler Center Pieckert.