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Strong. Efficient. Intelligent

Continued growth in the heavy-duty sector – that is one of our goals. With the Bulmor, Votex-Bison and MKF brands, the Bulmor Group can now offer even more solutions for individuel intralogistics requirements in heavy-duty transport.

part of the group Bulmor

Every machine from the Bulmor Group stands for power and robustness, but also efficiency and intelligence –
for uncompromising productivity for our customers in use worldwide.

More than others
Our philosophy

Robust, high-uptime machines in NOTOX construction

High-quality components, which guarantee longevity and a higher residual value of the machine

Efficient technology for maximum performance with minimum consumption

Flexible solutions that ensure the safety of drivers and goods

Consistent customer service, for even more uptime of our machines.

Technology from Austria

BULMOR is an Austrian premium manufacturer of intralogistics in the niche sector of side loaders and is based in Perg in Upper Austria. The company has 125 employees and branches in the Netherlands and the UK, and produces side loaders of 3 – 20 metric tons and multidirectional sideloaders with a 2 – 12-ton load capacity for the timber, steel, plastics and automotive industries, among other sectors. These are used for internal transport of long and heavy goods. Another niche is occupied by BULMOR with its Ambulift vehicles for airports, which are designed for safe boarding of passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs).

individually produced and designed

In addition to the series production devices, the company has extensive know-how in the development of special machines for handling heavy, bulky goods. If sideloaders only meet the requirements of the application to a limited degree, Bulmor will design machine solutions together with customers and partners, to enable them to handle even the most complex of logistics tasks. The machines are known for their high level of robustness and efficiency, as well as the manufacturer’s high quality standards.

Sideloader / multidirectional sideloader / Ambulift lifting vehicles
Made in Austria

BULMOR has been developing and producing sideloaders and multidirectional sideloaders in Austria since the 1980s and is one of the market leaders in the lift truck industry in the DACH region. With around 350 lifting vehicles per year, BULMOR is also the world’s leading developer and producer in the intralogistics niche sector of side loaders and its market position makes it one of the hidden champions of Upper Austria.


Electric powered sideloaders up to 8 tons are qiet and reduce operating costs by using no fossil fuels and having low maintenance costs.


E-Heavy Line Sideloader

Electric powered sideloaders up to 18 tons are quiet and reduce operating costs by using no fossil fuels and having low maintenance costs.

Diesel Sideloader

Bulmor sideloaders lift up to 8-ton loads of all kinds quickly and conveniently. They are characterised by high availability and extreme durability.

Multidirectional Sideloader

The electrically operated multidirectional sideloader lifts up to 12 tons and is suitable for the indoor movement of long goods.

Special-purpose Sideloader

Together with our customers, we develop special-purpose lift trucks that are precisely adapted to the local conditions and optimise production processes.

Used / Rental lift trucks

Favourably priced used and rental sideloaders directly from the manufacturer: Starting immediately, we offer used and rental sideloaders in Austria.

Customised, application-dependent design and production.

Sideloaders and multidirectional sideloaders are impressive for their innovation, customer benefit, mobility and durability. They are also multifunctional and can be used worldwide in a wide variety of industries, from wood and steel to construction and plastics.

Wood transport

In the wood processing industry, sideloaders have been successfully used for decades to transport long goods such as squared timber, sawn timber, solid wood panels or laminated beams and much more.

Transporting metals

In the metalworking industry, multidirectional sideloaders are preferred for use in warehouses due to their manoeuvrability, which maximises storage capacities by using block storage.

Transporting plastics

When moving pipes to different storage location, it is important to use a sideloader to ensure transport safety by lifting the load from the side.

Other industries

In industries such as construction materials, coils, glass, sheet metal and many more, Bulmor is known as a recognised supplier of individual lifting vehicles for resource-sparing intralogistics.