Economic -       Fast - Safe

A sideloader truck or 4-way sideloader will transport long, bulky goods economically, quickly, and safely. This allows you to transport items within your facilities safely and securely even through narrow passages and doorways. Bulmor side loaders are especially good at mastering high lifting heights because their special core-based design and the tilt cylinder on the side of the cabin allow them to lift securely and safely.

Advantages of sideloader trucks over front loaders: Optimal use of space and secure transport
side lift forklift - advantages


DQ Series

DQn 85-110 lb (low platform)
DQ 110 lb
DQ 130 - 175 lb
DQr 110-130 lb
(compact design)
DQs 130-175 lb (short version)


Heavy Line

for heavy duty jobs

DQ 220-260 lb
DQ 285-330 lb
DQ 350-395 lb



EFYco 65-75 lb
EFYco 85-100 lb



EMU 45-65lb
BMS 45-75lb
BMS 85-100lb
BMS 110-130lb
BMS 150lb

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