DQ120 sideloader with long product fork carriage
DQ120 side loader in use

DQ120 side loader in use.

Four-way loaders move anything that is long, heavy and bulky
Four-way multiway sideloader
The unique, rigid frame construction offers perfect movement
4way multiway sideloader
Four-way loader with a pendulum frame in the iron industry
4way multiway sideloader

EHG steel: Economic Handling of heavy goods

Bulmor is a strong partner for the metal industry.
heavy line side lift forklift

The Heavy Line sideloader DQ 120 impresses with its extreme durability and long service life.

Hydraulically telescoping fork carriage facilitates easy handling of long products.
heavyline sideloader

Rosenbauer: The Premium Manufacturer drives Bulmor Multidirectional Loaders

Starting immediately, our multidirectional loaders will be transporting turntable ladders and aerial rescue devices.
4way multiway sideloader from Bulmor
We have really proven ourselves at Rosenbauer with our product quality and proximity to our customers.
4way multiway sideloader

For the multidirectional loader, unevenness in the floor is compensated for with a pendulum axis.n

The solid Bulmor core construction ensures high availability and an extremely long service life
side lift forklift sideloaders
Bulmor side loaders can lift up to 20 tons effortlessly
sideloader - side lift forklift
Side loaders conveniently lift long and heavy loads
sideloader side lift forklift
Four-way loaders from Bulmor are increasingly being used in the steel industry
4way multiway sideloaders
The multidirectional loader has proven to be agile and environmentally friendly, even in multi-shift operation
4way multidirectional sideloader