Bulmor Lancer Sideloader forklift


Cost-efficient storage optimisation


Sideloaders or multidirectional sideloaders are able to transport long and bulky goods in a safe, efficient and fast way. Thus in-house transport is possible even in narrow aisles and gateways. Our sideloaders excel especially at great lifting heights since they are particularly solid and lift safely due to the unique Bulmor centrepiece construction and the hydraulic tilting system on the side of the cabin.

Optimum use of space - narrow passages and gateways can be passed through
Safe and stable transport of loads - ideal for block storage

Overview of Sideloader Series

Bulmor Seitenstapler Produktrange

DQ Serie

DQnr 50 (low platform)
DQrc 50-60 (55,5kW)
(compact version)
DQr 60-80 (74,5kW)
DQ 60-80 (74,5kW)
DQn 80-100

EQ Serie

with electric powertrain

EQc 40
EQck 40
EQn 50 (low platform)
EQ 60-80

Heavy Line

for heavy operation

DQ 100-120
DQ 130-150
DQ 160-180


EMU 20-30 (48V)
BMU 35-45 (48V)


BMS 30-35
BMS 40-45
BMS 50-70
BMS 70-80
BMS 90-100

Sideloader CHECK

Get a quick overview to find the perfect sideloader for your requirements:


Fourway SideloaderSideloader
ApplicationIdeal for indoor operationIdeal for outdoor operation
Can cover long distances by a higher speed
Standard version: open cabinStandard version: closed cabin
StorageSpace-saving handlingIdeal for storage areas where great distances have to be covered
Operations are reduced to a minimumHigher platform
Block storage is possibleFirst racking level is a little higher 
More storage capacity due to a low platformresulting in a loss of storage capacity
Optimal storage in the lowest storage rack
FloorSuitable for even hall floorsIdeal for uneven ground and slopes
PowertrainElectricDiesel, gas or electric

Sideloader and Multiway Sideloader in use