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Premium spare parts from the original manufacturer 

Bulmor industries is your reliable partner when it comes to original components for Bulmor sideloaders, Jumbo sideloaders, Lancer sideloaders as well as Irion multidirectional sideloaders. Our lean organisation allows us to quickly and easily meet your requirements. 

Only distributors and end users in Austria and the UK are able to directly buy spare parts. If you have any questions, our Distributors are gladly at your disposal.

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Spare Parts Austria

Customer Service Austria

Phone: +43 7262 583 97 9300

Phone: +43 7262 583 97 9100

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Phone: 01525 215984
Fax: 01525 377400
Mail: Spareparts_uk(at)

spare parts forklift lancer irion jumbo


Our network of distributors not only provides you with expertise and regional support, but also with diligent local contacts. 





You are welcome to send us questions, suggestions or other concerns with this easy and simple contact form.

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