Bulmor Lancer Sideloader


Experts for Sideloaders    since 1879

As a producer and full-service provider of sideloaders, here at BULMOR industries - former Bulmor Lancer -  we are the sideloader experts since 1879.

Economic Fast  Safe

BULMOR is a solution-oriented specialist for the packaging of long, heavy, bulky goods. Sideloaders and multiway sideloaders (4-way sideloaders), commissioning solutions, and special lifting vehicles from BULMOR can be put to use in all industries, including in the wood, steel, aluminum, and plastics industries.

As a leading provider of heavy-duty and specialized lifting vehicle solutions for intralogistics, innovation and customer value are the top priorities for BULMOR.

The BULMOR philosophy is rounded off by superb expertise in customer issue comprehension and resolution, user-friendly handling, and operation cost reduction combined with machine characteristics such as easy accessibility of components, rugged construction, and original replacement parts.

sideloader forklift

Diesel Sideloader 
Long Load Forklift

Bulmor sideloader lifts loads of all kinds weighing up to 17,000 lbs quickly and conveniently. They are characterized by high availability and an extremely long service life.


Multidirectional forklift

Multidirectional Sideloader

The electrically driven multidirectional side loader is perfectly suited for the universal movement of long loads stored in pallet racks with narrow passageways.


If you’re looking for the following, you’ve struck gold with Blumor Strong Sideloader Solutions:

  • Sideloader with Diesel- or Electric-Drive
  • Sideloader Forklift with Diesel- or Electric-Drive
  • 4-way Sideloader with Electric-Drive
  • Multiway Sideloadder with Electric-Drive
  • 4way-Forklift with Electric-Drive
  • Fourway-Forklift with Electric-Drive
  • Multi Way Sideloader with Electric-Drive
  • Fourwaysideloader with Electric-Drive
  • Multiwayforklift with Electric-Drive
  • Multidirectionalsideloader with Electric-Drive
  • Special-purpose lifting trucks with Diesel- orElectric-Drive

electric sideloader forklift

Electric Sideloader
Long Load Forklift

Sideloader Trucks with electric drives are emissions-free and quiet. Low maintenance costs and an absence of fossil fuels also make them more cost-effective to operate.


heavy sideloader forklift

Heavy Line Sideloader

The large wheels, powerful drive, and solid lifting frame provide power reserves capable of handling up to 22,000 lbs in unique lifting situations.


Ambulift SideBull

Special lifting trucks

Our innovative Ambulift Side Bull vehicles are used worldwide to safely and conveniently lift people and goods so that they can be moved onto airplanes.