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Established in 2001 as the company that purchased the Lancer Boss Sideloader business from Jungheinrich, Bulmor Lancer is a 100% subsidiary of its Austrian manufacturing parent Bulmor Industries Gmbh.

By providing innovative and competitive solutions to our customers we have grown from a single person in a sales office in Leighton Buzzard to a profitable medium sized company that continues to re-invest its profits directly into our business to ensure that our customers attain maximum value from our products.

Despite other competitors entering the market we have continued to grow our market leadership in the UK by continuing to develop the services and products demanded by our customers. 

Bulmor sideloaders made in Austria



Our parent Bulmor Industries has over 40 years of sideloader manufacturing experience in the market and our latest product range of of Electric two way, 4 way, diesel, lpg and hybrid sideloaders is the most modern and efficient product in its sector.



lancer hire sideloader and fourway sideloader



Our modern fleet of  4 – 18 tonne casual hire sideloaders is the largest in the UK and ensures that when a truck is required for a short term demand that we are able to cater for our customers production requirements.



bulmor lancer sideloaders technical support


Techn. support

Our technical support is based directly in Leighton Buzzard which with over three quarters of a million of parts for immediate delivery to our customers ensures that the product continues to work day after day, year after year.

Simon Cunningham

Service UKP: +44 1525 378 247F: +44 1525 377400M: +44 7891 075 360s.cunningham@bulmor.com

Lancer mobile technicians for sidelaoders


Mobile technicians

Our factory trained mobile technicians all hold the required UK and OME certification which together with our senior contractor approval for many UK steel and timber companies ensures that we can provide comprehensive after sales support to our national customer base. 



Sideloader truck maintenance






lancer bulmor ambulift sidebull



Our  Sidebull product is unrivalled in the airground industry with a 30% reduction in cycle time for transporting persons with reduced mobility (PRM) to and from the plane.  This unique position makes the product the No 1 goto PRM solution for airports throughout Europe.


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