Side lift forklifts and 4-way forklifts for Plastic industry

side lift forklift plastic
Bulmor's multidirectional steering with 12 steering programmes in the standard version
4-way forklift with 12 steering prgrammes
4-way sideloader designed for narrow storage facilities
4-way forklift sideloaders
4-way forklift with unique and solid centrepiece construction
4-way forklift in plastic industrie
Side loader: Extremely high lifting heights with highest possible stability
side lift forklift sideloaders
The massive system of Bulmor side loaders secures lifting heights up to 8 m
sideloaders by lancer forklift

Muna Noor: most efficient transport with Bulmor sideloaders

This 7ton diesel sideloader with a 6m spreader beam enables the operator to manoeuvre 12m long pipes easily through the production hall.
lancer forklift sideloaders
Regular forklift drivers managed to learn the truck operation immediately and still drive it with a smile.
side lift forklift sideloader

Our DQ 70 side loader in use in Oman

Side loader for transport of long plastic pipes
side loader forklift lancer
Easy loading of long goods - with a side loader from Bulmor
lancer forklift sideloaders

Isoplus - Easy material handling with side lift forklift